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Titanium weight saving Varifold propellerThe recently launched Baltic Custom 115 has been designed to be a superbly comfortable fast cruising yacht and a very competitive vessel in superyacht racing. Weight was therefore a factor very much front of mind for the designers and builders hence the decision to fit a specially commissioned four blade titanium Varifold. You can read more about it here.

Image of Orion 2 sailing with varifold propellersOrion of the Seas. At 45”, or 114cm in diameter, the two Varifold propellers that have now been fitted to this beautiful yacht are the largest that we have designed and built to date. The owner of this classical yacht wanted to radically reduce the amount of noise and vibration produced by the propellers. The Varifolds succeeded superbly, as you can read here.

Image of Swan 77 retro-fitted with Varifold propellersSwan 77. Many Swans are now fitted with Varifold propellers as standard. Read this brief story of one that wasn’t, but was, very soon after launching! Click here.